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Our First Zen Practice in 2016 will be on Sunday Febuary 7

Please call or email us to let us know that you will be attending.

 It is important to let us know no later than the Saturday morning

before our gathering.  Once you confirm that you are coming, a

Zen practice  area will be prepared for you at our Home Dojo.

* If you have not sat with us before and would like to, the first

  step is to contact Roshi and schedule a private interview.

Aloha Everyone!

Welcome to our Waimea Zen ‘Ohana Website. We are a small group of North Hawaii Island folks who gather once a month to practice the ancient Way of shikantaza and zazen-only. By practicing together, we encourage each other to conscientiously apply the integrity, clarity, wisdom, and compassion of Zen to our everyday life and relationships. We are fortunate to have the benefit of guidance from Dr. Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici.

Dr. Bonnici is a practicing Zen Buddhist Roshi with a Ph.D. in Humanistic Psychology. Roshi teaches, trains, and counsels us to passionately live from the still brilliance of core-Self and the wondrous openness of our beginner’s heartmind. Roshi embodies and viscerally transmits “The Way of Boundless Intimacy” according to the Japanese Soto Zen school of Dogen Zenji and Suzuki Roshi.


* About Our Sunday Practice *

During each Sunday’s practice period, Roshi and his wife Diana (Jikai Daimin) lead us in a 20 minute zazen meditation, a 10 minute kinhin or walking meditation, and another 20 minute zazen. This is followed by a 20 minute Zen teaching by Roshi, a question and answer period, a formal Zen Dojo closing, and shared tea and dialogue in the dining area.

A $20 Donation Per Person Is Requested. 

A red  temple donation box is provided in the Dojo.

Any donation by check, should be made out to Dr. Bonnici

[Although we are not open to the general public for drop-in, we welcome new practitioners. See the section below on “How to Join Us In Zen Practice”.]

* Kuleana Or Personal Responsibility *

If you plan to attend any first Sunday of the month, please call or email Roshi by 5:00PM or earlier on Saturday.  This is very important!  It is your true practice of “kuleana” or personal responsibility. Once we know you are coming, a traditional Zen mat and cushion or a requested chair and mat will be prepared for you. Please call us at 880-1395, or email us at info@zenohana.com. When you email or call us, we will email you driving and parking directions.

* How  You Can Join Us In Zen Practice *

As our Zen practice location is at Roshi and Diana’s temple home, we are not open to the general public for drop-ins. However, new comers are always welcome to join us. The first step is to schedule a “dokusan” or private interview with Roshi.

Dokusan is a Japanese word that means "going alone to meet the teacher." During your dokusan, Roshi will assist you in clarifying your sincere intention and spiritual needs, answer any questions regarding the daily practice of Zen, and briefly introduce you to the Way of embodying core-Self during the activities and relationships of everyday life.

You can request a dokusan by contacting Roshi at 808-880-1395 or email him at roshi@zenohana.com. There is a $60 minimum donation for dokusan. After you schedule a day and time for your dokusan,  Roshi will provide you with driving and parking directions.

* Roshi's Website *

Everyone is encouraged to visit Roshi's public educational website at Zendoctor.Com. There you can instantly receive a free Zen meditation manual with helpful training photos by email. Roshi encourages you to print out the zazen manual, study the instructions with beginner's heartmind, and practice zazen-only at least once a day. If you have any questions, call him at 808-880-1395.

Mahalo nui loa



Arrive On Time

Please leave your home without hurriedness and enough time to spare. You should arrive by 9:55 AM so that you can park and be settled in zazen a few minutes before 10:00 AM. Our Zen Practice begins promptly at 10AM when Roshi formally enters the Dojo and sits in zazen. If you would like to receive instruction on our Way of Zen practice, please arrive no later than 9:40 AM for our Sunday 15 minute Dojo orientation.

Dojo Practice Attire

Wear loose pants that will not constrict your legs in zazen meditation. Skirts should be long and wide so that you will be able to sit comfortably in a cross-legged posture if you desire. If you have a meditation cushion or pillow, please bring it. Throw pillows and chairs are available at the house.

Cell Phones, Watches, And Fragrances

Avoid wearing perfume, aftershave, or other fragrances to Sunday practice.  Please leave your cell phone in your car. If you keep it in a hand bag, turn it off completely.  Do not wear watches in the Dojo practice area. The person who rings the meditation bell will keep track of time for everyone.

Sharing Tea After Zen Practice

The shift from zazen quietude to social interaction should be gentle and gradual. Please be aware of this and practice consideration for your own transition and the transition of others during tea and dialogue

View Meditation Mats & Cushions At Amazon

Roshi asks that you get a black zafu

(round kapok filled cushion), and a

  black zabuton (cotton batting mat). 


Waimea Zen ‘Ohana

Roshi Andrew Shugyo Daijo Bonnici, Ph.D.

Phone: 880-1395  Email: info@zenohana.com