Roshi Andrew Shugyo Bonnici, Ph.D.

Teachings On Zen Embodiment

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To Live the Way of Ungraspable Enlightenment Itself

"Cherish this day with deep gratitude. Take refuge in the unborn stillness and birthless silence of your core-Self. Meet each moment that arises as your very first and your very last. Enjoy the exuberance and spontaneity of your beginner's heartmind. Embrace vast impermanence as the brilliant freshness of your everyday life and relationships. Treasure the practice of loving and being loved far beyond resistance, defensiveness, and fear. Save all beings and things by daily expressing your wholehearted presence, your deep caring, your magnanimous openness, and your simple Way of being Truth like the wetness of raindrops and the rough bark of trees."  

March 3, 2015

The Infant's Way Of Falling And Arising On True Ground

"If you are asked, 'How can you walk in ungraspable enlightenment right here and now, even though you confidently rest in not-gaining, not-attaining, and not-knowing?' You can simply answer, 'It is like an infant taking its first steps; stumbling, falling on true ground, and arising to endlessly begin again.' We do not try to hide the falling or avoid its bright wisdoming. However, we do not stay in bondage to our sleeping in thinking mind or ego-self. We do not attach to passing thoughts of judgement, guilt, or shame. We do not push away inner forgiveness and compassion; nor do we paint a false illumination or an illusory awakening in the empty sky. This would only keep us falling on false ground while cutting us off from the brilliant life-force of our two feet. The infant does not know denial, rationalization, deception, pride, arrogance, or dishonesty. The infant simply falls, accepts the falling, senses the support of true ground, and stands with two feet to endlessly begin again. If you fall and stand in the basic goodness and sincerity of your beginner's heartmind, then you can stand naturally upright like baby buddha. Then you can honestly say, 'In-between heaven and earth, I live ungraspable enlightenment from the still integrity of my core-Self while in boundless intimacy, vast impermanence, and limitless interdependency with all beings and things."         

February 13, 2015

Our Beginner's Heartmind

"Our beginner’s heartmind is exactly the heartmind of magnanimous openness, wondrous freshness, and childlike curiosity. It is exactly our original heartmind of simplicity, naturalness and spontaneity. The effortless authenticity of beginner’s heartmind is akin to the calming presence of streams, stones, and trees. The brilliant exuberance of beginner's heartmind mirrors the joyful wildness of spinning dolphins and the jubilant leaps of breaching whales. All the ancients who embodied the Way of boundless intimacy and limitless interdependency have proclaimed that beginner's heartmind is immeasurably deep, endlessly profound, and vitally playful beyond intending."  

February 22, 2015